Now it is 9 month ago ...... oh, no, we have been addicted a long time and nothing seems to help us with a cure! The stages of addiction are different on a case-by-case basis and the strength of the symptoms vary, but long-term it is not possible to suppress the psychological dependency!

We have been through a lot, because the longer we have the addiction we continue to higher the standards to ourselves and our square dancing. Since we now have learned all the basic and mainstream patterns of square dance we realized during our therapies that there are many more combinations to discover. Square dance seems to be continually growing and every addict would be thrilled, if he could get a fix in such an abundant manner.
But more and more we sense the negative sides of this dependency. In our circle of friends everybody is scared to bring up something about square dancing, because we immediately start reporting (very euphoric) what has happened during the last days of square dancing and how happy we are that we can live out this addiction, um, well, this hobby so intensively.

In our 'original' square dance club, where we enrolled, they whispered behind our back. Some call us the "square dance psychos", but they mean it in a funny way. They don't understand what has happened in our hearts. Thank God, some of the 'Angels' (experienced and graduated square dancers) worked up the courage to visit our therapies, to help and advise us, quasi as an addiction counselor. They didn't realize, that we just want them to get involved in our plan to contaminate the whole world with the square dance virus! Yes, square dance junkies can be very inventive and focused after all if it is for our own welfare.

The next several weeks will be very hard for us, because it is summer time and most square dancing clubs close their doors during the vacation time. In addition some of the members of our therapy group spend their vacation with their family far, far away and therefore we don't have enough attendees for a therapy session. But we can see a silver lining on the horizon ... our coming graduation (which is the official admission to the community of square dancers), square dancer students Mt. Olymp. A target we have striven for from the beginning of our classes and training. But during every single dance, where we can see the gleem in the eyes of the other dancers, we know: We will learn to live with our addiction and thereby we will make ourselves and many other people happy.

Now, some of you will start grinning and think to yourself: 'They are totally nuts', but if you have never feel the euphoria, the feeling of elation, while managing a difficult square dance pattern without mistakes, then it would be impossible to understand us.
By the way: our club (Squarecompany Düsseldorf) will have a new class, starting from the middle of October. Please take a look and join us! Our self regulated group definitely has room for new members :-)

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