Square dance? What's that? This is what we thought about square dancing in the past. But after few hours at the 'Open Houses' of the Squarecompany Dusseldorf everything seemed to be a little bit different than we expected. 'That was really fun" and that's why we decided to enroll for the basic class.

Step-by-step we learned the different patterns and met a lot of nice people. You should know, square dance is not rocket science, but you will need a lot of training. The course participants (students) realized this very quickly and suddenly the idea was born to organize an extra training. We immediately asked an experienced dancer (angel) for support and then we made an appointment to dance shortly afterwards that was Christmas last year (2007). We met at the 'Sailor's bar', a party room in the cellar that has been supplied generously by one of our student couples. This meeting was a complete success and therefore we made a new appointment for additional practice. This meeting was again phenomenal and harmonious. We all had a ball!

That's when big changes started! At this point we thought square dance would be a nice hobby. But when the next two classes were canceled, we noticed a rumble in our bodies, something happened with us, a kind of metamorphosis. We were afflicted with an inner unease, we can't rest our feet, we stopped welcoming people by handshake, instead we bowed in salutation and every song we listened to on the radio seemed to contain some hidden square dance calls. We decided to meet again at the 'Sailor's bar' to talk about all of these changes happening to us during the last few weeks. After a short while, we came to the conclusion, that we are addicted to square dancing now. The result was, that we founded the 'self-regulating community for square dance addiction'. After extensive researches on the internet and reading a lot of information it became clear, that there is almost no chance of healing our new addiction. Experts advised us not to suppress the addiction, but let it out during group therapies where only fellow sufferers are present. That's exactly what we do now! We meet consistently at the classes and sometimes we drive to dances on weekends. If the addiction gets to frustrating for one of our members, we arrange another group therapy at our own center; the 'Sailor's bar'.

Continuations : 9 month later End of year #1

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